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Crème fraîche® de beauté

The secret of white flowers to hydrate and soothe sensitive skin

When the skin lacks water, it becomes even more sensitive. Ingrid Pernet, Scientific Communication Director at Laboratoire Nuxe

NUXE Expertise

Crème fraîche® de beauté, the moisturizing and soothing skincare range for sensitive skin

Crème Fraîche de Beauté

One of the iconic ranges from Laboratoire NUXE, Crème fraîche® de beauté helps boost the skin's water reserves and maintain optimum moisutre level. It comforts and soothes sensitive and dehydrated skin types. A real guardian angel for particularly challenging skin types, it responds to their specific needs thanks to a combination of botanical active ingredients including :
- Meadowfoam seed oil, with moisturizing and deeply emollient properties.
- Jasmine flower milk, to moisturize, nourish and strength the skin barrier by providing lipids.
Moisturized and soothed, skin fells fresh, supple and plumped.
These 5 skincare formulas also exalt the senses with their delicate Orange Blossom scent, with enveloping gourmet notes and their fresh, comforting, light and creamy textures... 
A pure delight that will appeal to women of all ages!

RESULTS (performed under dermatological supervision)
- Skin is soothed and softer for 95% (1) of women
- My skin is still comfortable for 100% (1) of women
- Discomfort, irritation and toghtness fellingd are reduced for 85%(2) of women.
- My skin stays soothed for 90% (2) of women.

(1) Use test performed on Crème fraîche® de beauté - 21 women - % satisfaction after 28 days of use.
(2) Use test performed on Crème fraîche® de beauté Sérum - 20 women - % satisfaction after 28 days of use.


The Crème fraîche® de beauté range

Soothing and moisturizing facial skincare

Moisturizing Serum Crème fraîche de beauté

Moisturizing Fluid Crème fraîche de beauté

Moisturising cream Crème fraîche de beauté

Moisturising rich cream Crème fraîche de beauté

Moisturising mask Crème fraîche de beauté

Moisturising cream Crème fraîche de beauté

Moisturising rich cream Crème fraîche de beauté

NUXE Research

The 24-hour soothing and moisturizing range for sensitive and dehydrated skin

How can we tell when skin is dehydrated?

Dehydrated skin is skin that lacks water; either because it has been lost after triggering factors (wind, cold, heat, pollution, air-conditioning, etc.) or because it is not able to ensure this by itself. The signs: dehydration lines mark the skin's surface; skin feels uncomfortable and taut (in particular following cleansing with water), but not all the time. All skin types can suffer from dehydration!


What is sensitive skin?

Having sensitive skin by today's standards means, for most women, having skin that reacts easily. It triggers redness and a feeling of discomfort; it cannot withstand certain conditions and certain products... It's not necessarily a skin pathology, it's just a fragile skin type that gets our attention. And when it lacks water, skin becomes even more sensitive! So you have to provide it with a suitable response.


Crème Fraîche®: specific hydration for sensitive skin

NUXE Research has studied dehydrated and sensitive skin types and has identified that not only do they require water, but they also need to be soothed. To provide continuous hydration to all layers of the skin, Laboratoire NUXE has combined Meadowfoam seed oil, Jasmine plant milk and Salicornia, which strengthen the skin's water reserves and maintain an optimum moisture level  (proven 24-hour hydration).  To soothe for 24 hours, our researchers combined these ingredients with Aloe Vera sap and Allantoin. 


Crème fraîche® de beauté Active Ingredients

All the power of White Flowers combined with botanical active ingredients to moisturize all dehydrated and sensitive skins


 Limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) are little white flowers  adapted to poorly drained soils and cultivated mainly in USA. Their seeds contains a high percentage of oil (20 to 30%). This oil is extraordinarily stable,  because it contains long chain unsaturated fatty acids. Meadowfoam seed oil has moisturizing and deeply emollient properties.



Salicornia is a small edible coastal plant with fleshy, succulent stalks that contain a salty sap, which gives the plant its name, meaning "salt corn". Exposed to a hostile environment (wind, salt, etc.), it has developed an ingenious capacity for adaptation, related to the presence of water transporters, which protect it against dehydration and excess salt.  Inside the skin, it stimulates the circulation of water, ensuring intense hydration.


Jasmine flower milk

The jasmine flower milk is obtained through a dual extraction process, of the lipid part of the plant on the one hand, and the aqueous part on the other. The two fractions are then emulsified into a "plant milk", which enables all of the plant's active molecules to be conserved. The jasmine flower milk is rich in active molecules, it moisturizes, nourishes and strengthen the skin barrier by providing lipids.


Aloe Vera

From the Greco-Roman civilization to ancient China, Aloe Vera is one of the plants that forms the basis of traditional pharmacopoeia, used since the dawn of time to calm burns and treat wounds. If the leaves are so thick, it is because this helps to retain water. Their secret? The gel that they contain is a powerful synergy of more than 200 substances, including a high number of sugars (pectin and polysaccharides), with soothing and regenerating properties. 


Beauty Advice and Tips

Our tips for dehydrated sensitive skin

The daily rules for tackling dehydrated sensitive skin

The first thing to ensure you do in your daily life is to drink enough (at least 1 liter of water per day) because it is this water that will be able to ""rehydrate"" your skin.
Second tip: Try to avoid factors that trigger skin reactions (wind, cold, heat, spicy food, etc.) 
Finally, always ensure you keep to a suitable skincare routine!


What beauty routine should I adopt for my dehydrated sensitive skin?

1: Ensure you adhere to a suitable cleansing routine! Choose products that are specifically designed for sensitive skin (such as the Rose Petals range) and cleansing products that don't require water (like Micellar water or Cleansing Milk) Don't hesitate to gently exfoliate once a week, to remove dead skin cells and to restore radiance to your face.
2: Morning and evening, apply a moisturizing cream for sensitive skin, choosing the texture that corresponds to your skin type (combination, normal or dry). Don't forget to apply Crème Fraîche de Beauté Serum before the cream to boost hydration.
3: Once a week, take the time to apply a re-hydrating and soothing mask. Leave it on for 10 minutes so that your skin can soak up the water and so that any feelings of discomfort are instantly soothed.


Can skin become sensitive and dehydrated, even though it wasn't before?

Yes, because sensitivity and dehydration are what we call "skin conditions". They can occur at any time of life and affect all skin types.


I have sensitive skin, can I use perfumed products?

If your skin generally reacts to fragrances (or if you know you are allergic to fragrance), we would obviously advise you to choose fragrance-free products. If your skin is sensitive and reacts to other factors (climate, food, etc.), you can use perfumed facial products, as long as they are labeled for "sensitive skin". This means that they have been tested on sensitive skin and that they have been subject to a tolerability evaluation based on this criteria. Therefore, the pleasure of indulging is also accessible to sensitive skins!